Worst NFL Teams on the Road


The NFL is one of the most exciting sports to watch, but it is even more fun when you are betting on games. Playing on the road always changes the NFL odds, but some teams are affected more by these hostile environments away from home. In 2022, many teams have exceeded expectations, but many teams struggle. 

This article will focus more on the money line rather than the spread. It is going to give you insight into the teams that you should think twice about betting on when they are on the road. Follow along to see the worst NFL teams on the road this season. 

Winless on the Road

So far this season, there are three teams in the NFL without a win on the road. Can you guess them? The Detroit Lions (0-3), Carolina Panthers (0-3), and Las Vegas Raiders (0-4) are the only teams without a win on the road through Week 8. 

No betting expert could have predicted the Raiders would start the season off this way, but the Lions and Panthers are not a surprise. A team with Josh Jacobs, Derek Carr, and Davante Adams should not miss the playoffs, nonetheless, be at the bottom of the division. It is hard to expect the Raiders to continue their struggles, but for now, be careful when betting on the Raiders. Las Vegas is below .500 against the spread as well, to no surprise. 

The Lions started off the year with one of the most electric offenses in football but quickly went back into reality. After nearly defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1, the Lions have not won a game since Week 2 against the Washington Commanders. Detroit is also below .500 against the spread and will be the underdog on the NFL lines in every game to close out the season. 

Carolina has been enticing as of late, but they will not be able to keep it up. All three teams on this list have just three wins against the spread. The Panthers lost a heartbreaker in Week 8 to the Atlanta Falcons and defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the week before, but this might be the worst team in the league on paper. 

Other Teams to Avoid

The top of this list is the most critical team to avoid betting on when playing on the road. After suffering a Super Bowl hangover, the Los Angeles Rams are having a disappointing 2022 season. Stay away from betting on them at all costs. 

It is a small sample size, but in just two games on the road, the Rams are 1-1. That does not seem that bad but trust us. In these two games, the Rams have just two touchdowns and the fewest points of any team on the road. No matter where they play–do not bet on the Rams. They are 2-5 against the spread and have one of the most inefficient offenses in all of football. The Vegas NFL odds still believe in this team, but you need to tread carefully. 

A special mention you should be very careful about before we get to the final two is the Houston Texans. You should not count them out–especially against the spread–but you should be very cautious. Brandin Cooks did not get traded after very much so wanting out, so the chemistry between Danny Mills and his best receiver is virtually nonexistent. Houston just covered against the Philadelphia Eagles, and despite their terrible record, they love to keep things close. 

Finally, the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers struggle both on the road and against the spread. Forget that insane offensive outburst at Gillette Stadium, and the Bears are winless on the road. Even counting that extremely odd outcome, they are 1-4 on the road. Chicago has three road games, and two come against teams with five or more wins against the spread. 

Pittsburgh allows a point differential on the road of -14.4 so far this season. After trading one of their biggest weapons on offense, Chase Claypool, to the team listed above, expect their 1-4 record on the road to continue going downhill. 

We are just approaching the halfway point in the season, so anything is possible. It should be a given, however, that you should avoid betting on these teams for the remainder of the 2022-23 season. It’s okay. There’s always next ye


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