What is the Ethernet Cat6 Plenum Lan Cable

cat6 plenum

Cat6 plenum cable is a high quality cable designed specifically for use inside your home network environment. These cables have been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet their rigorous standards.

Cat6 plenum cabling is commonly used in commercial buildings where space constraints do not allow for run lengths greater than 100ft. However, if you live in a residence that doesn’t have any existing wiring, then you can still install Cat6 plenum cable.

A typical residential installation consists of three twisted pairs, and each pair runs about 100 feet. If you want to make sure that your power outlets are protected from electrical noise, you should consider installing Cat6 plenum cable throughout your house.

The following video shows how Cat6 plenum cable works and what you need to know before you purchase them.

This video explains the difference between CAT 5e and CAT 6 Ethernet cables. Learn why we no longer recommend using CAT 5e and why they may fail. CAT 6 is becoming the standard but CAT 5e cables remain useful so don’t throw away your old ones! To our knowledge, cat6 is now the only Ethernet cable that meets CAT safety standards. Join us in our quest to become obsolete.

The Cat 6 cable is a 10/100 Ethernet standard which provides data rate of 100Mbit/sec over twisted pair copper wire cabling. Cat 5e (10BASE-T) was originally developed as a replacement for UTP Ethernet cables and is now commonly known as Category 5e or simply CAT 5e. Cat 6 is designed to replace CAT 5e and is capable of carrying data rates of 100 Mbit/sec.

The cat 6 plenum rated cable is ideal for use in many applications including server rooms, computer labs, IT closets, small office environments, home offices, etc. These cables meet the high standards set forth by the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at power line specifications. These cables have been tested and certified by a third party testing laboratory to ensure compliance with the stringent standards set forth by these organizations.

This product contains no metallic components and therefore does not conduct electricity. Our Cat 6 cables are guaranteed to comply with ANSI / TIA-568 Standard as well as UL 94 V-O classification.

Features & Benefits :

• Provides power at a distance

• Low loss

• High quality construction

• Long operating life

• Supports Gigabit speeds

• Complies with ANSI/TIA-568A & UL94V-0


The Cat 6 plumbed cable is an extension cord with RJ45 connectors. The Cat 6 plumbed cables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The Cat 6 plumber cables can be used in conjunction with other Cat 6 wiring accessories. The Cat 6 plumbers cable comes with two RJ45 plugs and four pairs of shielded twisted pair conductor wires.

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