The NFL Pushes For Football To Reach The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics


The NFL is putting its strength and capital behind an effort to include flag football in the schedule of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics as it expands its global footprint.

When it comes to football, nothing happens without the involvement or approval of the NFL, says Jeff Lewis, founder of the American Flag Football League (AFFL), and this will be the case for any attempt to place on the list. get hold of. Summer Games 2028.

“In all things football, the NFL is ultimately the single biggest driving force at some level,” Lewis told Reuters in an interview.

Both men and women play professionally in sports and recreation

and will be featured at the 11th World Games in Birmingham, Alabama next year. The appeal of flag football is that almost anyone can play it. While the game can be similar to football, with passing and passing, little defensive action is required and the game is stopped when a defender pulls the canvas flag from the opponent’s waist. The International Football Confederation (IFAF) will make an official address to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but like most Olympics, the heavy lifting will take place in the background.

“To be clear, we definitely support IFAF and USA Football.”

Looking for the flag as an Olympic butterfly,” NFL international opponent Yamani Leech told Reuters. IFAF exists to promote this. What I told them was to tell us how we could help them. to do that and help influence, align and bring people together.”

The IFAF has 72 member countries and supports a five-on-five version of the small field game for the Olympics, all with flag teams and almost 70% in organized competitions.

The United States tops the global IFAF rankings in all categories, but several key countries and markets, such as Japan, India, and Brazil, are in the top 10.

Support them

“With the right support and the right website, I am very optimistic that we will succeed,” IFAF President Richard Maclean told Reuters.

“Federations and countries around the world have done a great job launching competitions and recognizing the importance of their national teams. That’s not the problem.

“The budget problem is limited and how can we talk?”


Join the NFL with your own network and a new $110 billion legal order.

The incoming flag, eager to increase its global presence, is what the NFL hopes will generate a life of reliance on the American playground.

The NFL runs its own community programs independently of the IFAF.

Earlier this month, the NFL Foundation pledged $1.5 million for its Flag-In-Schools program, which has employed 13 million students as of 2014, he said.

The NFL has also invested in developing the 스포츠중계 in Mexico, where more than three million children are said to have played the game.

“We believe the global growth of the game is extraordinary; more people are playing well in every form of football,” said Leech.

“The flag can be a way for some people to manipulate (football) and it encourages countries and communities to look for an Olympic medal, so we love it for these reasons.

“It’s a way for people to connect with the game, and of course LA 2028 has a lot of unique things that are interesting in terms of United States location and time.”


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