The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins


In Black Ops 3 Origins, you can build various wonder weapons. You can purchase the Staff of Lightning, which fires lightning bolts, and the Staff of Wind, which blasts wind at zombies. Both can be upgraded by solving riddles in the Crazy Place.

Ray Gun Mark 2

The Ray Gun Mark 2 is a modernized version of the original Ray Gun. It’s a fantastic weapon for a first-person shooter and is much more potent than its predecessor. It can take out panzer soldats, Brutus, and even hordes of zombies. It also reloads faster and has headshot multipliers. One drawback to this weapon is that it struggles on low rounds but still makes an excellent choice.

The Ray Gun Mark 2 looks much longer than its predecessor and may be more powerful, having a wider damage field. Its design is based on the Wild West, a period during which the United States expanded its western dominance. The most common guns during this time were the revolver, rifle, and shotgun.

ice staff code

To use the Ice Staff code in Black Ops 3 Origins, you must collect three parts: the colored disc, the black disc, and the blue disc. These three components can be found in various places around the game world. If you don’t have one of these parts, you can find them in the rubble piles. You can also find them in the building next to Generator 2.

The Ice Staff code is one of the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, but you must be careful when using it. The parts of this weapon are straightforward to find, and noobs can quickly get them. Also, the upgrade process of staff is complicated and requires many small area kills.


Among the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3 is the PPSH. This weapon has a high rate of fire and can quickly dispatch hordes of zombies. But it also requires a lot of ammo to be effective. As such, it’s essential to stock up on ammo before using this weapon.

This submachine gun is potent. Its fast rate of fire is excellent when making points. It also has a double tap feature which makes it even more effective. It can also be upgraded to have more perma-perks and extra ammo.

Another powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins is the KN-44 assault rifle. It can be purchased off the wall on the Chronicles map. While it lacks the power of the Thundergun, this weapon does an excellent job of dealing damage to enemies with headshots. It also reloads quickly. The dual mags also make it an ideal weapon for aggressive players.

Monkey Bombs and Gersch

Monkey Bombs are throwable weapons, and the Gersch device is similar, sucking zombies into a singularity. While these weapons are not as powerful as other weapons, they can buy players time and resurrect downed players. Both can be found in mystery boxes and are helpful in different situations.

Monkey Bombs and Gersch are the two most vital weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, but they have a few drawbacks. First, they can’t be upgraded with pack-a-punch, so you can’t use them in multiplayer. Another disadvantage is that you can only equip these weapons in specific scenarios.

While the MP40 is the best weapon for killing zombies, the MP40 is also very effective. It has a high rate of fire and a double-tap feature that allows you to fire two shots at once. It can be upgraded with more ammo, which will increase its effectiveness.


The MP40 is a powerful submachine gun with a high fire rate. It is an excellent choice for a first-person shooter and can be upgraded to do more damage. The MP40 is also very effective against zombies.

The KN-44 is a powerful assault rifle. It has a fast rate of fire and can kill a large group of zombies in a single shot. It reloads quickly and can also carry dual magazines. It’s an excellent weapon for aggressive players but has some drawbacks.

The Ice Staff is another powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins. It can be acquired through the first Panzer Soldat and is a valuable tool in the game. It can also be upgraded by solving riddles in the Crazy Place. The power of the Ice Staff depends on the number of souls collected in a particular area.

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