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Hello. We, holdem365, introduce 100% verified Hold’em sites and provide various information for the safe play of members using Texas Hold’em and 온라인홀덤. In Korea, Hold’em boom has occurred just a few years ago, and it is becoming a big trend. Therefore, you need to use a safer and more reliable Hold’em site to enjoy playing without penalty. We have established a blog partnership after confirming that it is safe for sites that can solve currency exchange problems and process business quickly.

If you are recommended by our holdem365, you can enjoy the game without any problems. Holdem365 guarantees that we will recommend a Hold’em site that users feel a high level of satisfaction with, and that we will provide you with the fun of the game you will never regret.

Getting Started with Texas Hold’em

Currently, Texas Hold’em & Online Poker is very popular in Korea. It’s only been a few years since poker became popular, but when you think about it, it’s quite natural. For generations, Koreans have played many strategy board games such as Baduk and chess (Korean version of chess) and card games using Hanafuda. To win these games, you need to think ahead, play smarter than your opponent, and beat your opponent to win. These skills are essential even for poker players. Perhaps many famous pro gamers turned to pro poker and made poker a success in Korea. Today, poker is an active game among gamers, students, office workers, and even professional business owners. Therefore, holdem365 will recommend a safe Hold’em site through a sure verification process.

How to play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a game in which the dealer and the player compete to form the best poker hand by combining 2 cards and 5 community cards.

There are a total of 5 betting areas in the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker game. While one deck of cards is being shuffled, the dealer induces bets on the customer. Customers wishing to participate in the game must place an ANTE bet. After the shuffle is complete, the dealer checks that all bets are complete, then arranges 5 cards face down in the community card area, deals 2 hole cards to the customer, and finally deals 2 dealer hole cards. Each customer can then looks at the cards and choose the option of giving up the game, continuing the game, or checking. If the customer abandons the game, the dealer collects the bet chips and cards. If the customer continues the game, the customer bets twice the amount bet on ANTE in the space marked FLOP.

The dealer then opens and arranges the leftmost 3 cards out of the 5 community cards in the community card area. This is called a ‘flop’. After opening 3 Flop Card cards, the customer can bet the same amount as the ANTE bet on the TURN bet or select a check to continue the game without any additional bets. If the customer chooses to check, the dealer places a check mark in the corresponding betting area. After all TURN bets have been placed, the dealer opens a 4th community card. This is called a ‘turn’. The customer then selects a check or bet the same amount as the ANTE bet on the RIVER, just like the TURN bet.

This ends all bets on the customer. The dealer draws the last 5 community cards. This is called ‘RIVER’. After the river card is opened, the dealer opens his own card, compares it with each customer’s card, and proceeds to take or pay according to the result.


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