Management trends in sports and fitness centers


Utilize all known experience, creative and innovative capabilities and a knowledgable approach, the key to personal and business growth.

Enthusiasm and enthusiasm encourage us to seek improvement and improvement in every task we perform, in search of efficiency and effectiveness for the company for which we are committed.

Much of the improvement in the management of the company is due to what I call the “VALUE CURVE”, which enables us to create the best products and services and also at the lowest cost, which ultimately helps us to be more efficient.

Recent studies on sports and fitness management

Clubs throughout Spain (health-sports consulting, Premcor and others) show a large difference in management level between independent private clubs and the 스포츠중계 center network.

Central Chain maintains better management quotas, probably due to greater accumulated experience, from which, with a good team, it can fine-tune its strategy and add VALUE to its entities.

How do we benefit from the experience we have?

Its use has a lot to do with using the experience we have, if you have a lot of experience but do not learn from it, you will continue to make the same mistakes, leading to stagnation and poor future prospects, the VALUE improved CURVE depends on capacity from the analysis and learning that is driven by its corporate culture and intellectual capital.

Sports companies with a culture of innovation, where making mistakes is not punished as long as it serves to teach, and where teamwork prevails and all workers give their opinion and offer solutions, these are the companies that learn and thrive. This culture is possible in independent cubes and in chains; it just depends on the person in charge and their organization

Intellectual capital is related to the potential of the people who work in the company:

Their own experience, their education, their attitude. Their degree of specialization and the number of people who make up the team. The more people, the greater the possibility of more intellectual capital.

Get the most experience in a short time.

The key at this point is to “share”, to share with us, with people close to us and group to join. This system is suitable for all types of companies, families and multinationals. This model works with a good attitude, left individuality, with the right choice of relationships and groupings, and with an ambitious program.

Promoting a culture of innovation, from teamwork

The individual management of the sports center presents various difficulties in areas such as: “products and services”, “marketing and sales”, “financial management” and “facilities and equipment” … which require in addition to the effort, a large portion of fantasy. A good Use of all resources.

Concentrate on the largest intellectual capital that the company’s know-how allows.

From training to specialization, we will try to improve this sensitive area of ​​the sports center, realizing its impact on profitability. Training will create confidence, attention to the highest quality, with: new strategies, reliable tools and indicators, efficient processes, that allow adaptation to the realities of a changing environment.

How to achieve it in this time of crisis?

With a contagious attitude, surprising every day: suggestions, contributions, responsible management based on solid values, optimization of resources and communication,

Investing in ourselves, acknowledging ourselves as responsible for our achievements and success instead of being victims of circumstances, seeking excellence in everything we do,

Create differential VALUE at all levels, organization.

The world will stop at nothing to resolve our doubts and doubts, we must direct our way and the causes of things vary to change, change and try to grow helps us to learn and to differentiate ourselves from others.


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