Is Studying MBA in UK Worth It

Is Studying MBA in UK Worth It

Most peoples want to know that is studying MBA in the UK is worth it, and how to get admission to the best UK institute.

When I was a kid. I studied Economics as a part of my graduation course after graduating from university with Bachelor’s degree in English. Majoring in Political Science and a minor in Latin American Studies. That’s what you hear in colleges nowadays about studying something like a Master’s or PhD in Business Economics and having done an online master’s in Banking Marketing Strategy. But that’s not the case anymore! If you’re not sure if this topic is for you. Check out your career options and see what you can do!

Nowadays universities don’t use master’s and PhD. They tend to accept MBA or MSC (Master of Applied Research) degrees for students. Who wants to go into business studies and do research on international and national issues. So yes, I will tell you “is studying MBA in the UK worth it?”

The benefits of pursuing a master’s or PhD in economics

It would be very easy to make money and provide yourself with an income. You can apply to many positions without hesitation. With some other jobs that would require you to have vast experience, you need at least 3-5 years of experience. Even though you have a bachelor’s degree from another school, work with employers that you are confident in and find out new ideas that could help companies grow. Because of how valuable work experience can be, even some experienced employees prefer to start small businesses and take them to the next level because they know how easy it would be to expand their business with this knowledge. Just keep in mind there are no shortcuts in the world of entrepreneurship. It’s not an easy task and you need good time management skills to succeed.

So many job openings, that all the graduates in big corporations have no chance of finding their dream job. They just continue to stay in the same place. And here comes one thing that is so important! Get the right education first of all then get your hands on a job and start doing the things that you think you love. Isn’t it a fantastic feeling to think about going to study something you’re passionate about? There is nothing wrong to start working on your thesis.

The disadvantages of pursuing a master’s or PhD in economics

You only get 3-5 years of academic experience when getting this degree, which limits your creativity and independence when working with different people and ideas. There are many people out there who wouldn’t be able to work with more than ten people on any project if they were unemployed. Also, not everyone has such great communication skills to listen to others because they cannot read and write effectively enough to express themselves well that way. Plus, it is really hard to manage multiple projects in an organization and still get results because you need to pay a lot of attention to detail and think about every angle of a problem or solution before deciding. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful in business, but it might be hard for a startup person, so that’s what worries me, but then again, I love to work on myself.

A Master’s or PhD gives you an opportunity to learn everything in a better way and get the most out of your time. So, if you choose a subject in the U.S, you are taking advantage of the situation that you just faced, but in Europe/Asia, everything is completely different. The language barrier can become a real challenge for some foreigners to adapt to. Also, you will face difficulty trying to get access, even if you have English as your second language. You’ll probably face lots of difficulties while communicating with people in foreign countries and sometimes you might find yourself speaking in gibberish or idiomatic or being unable to understand someone and making mistakes that can end up bad for you.

So, if you are thinking of applying for a master’s or PhD at British University and have already gotten the offer, wait until May June 2016. Don’t waste your time! Take advantage of everything you got to improve the future life of society and the economy.

At some point, you’ll feel exhausted, your headaches and you get frustrated because of the lack of resources and opportunities that you can offer. As soon as you finally graduate, you would have many decisions to make, but luckily enough for us today, we have amazing institutions today that take care of our finances every step of the way.

After receiving your MBA or PhD, you can immediately start looking for work or work-study opportunities with top employers around the globe. What you have already accumulated during your master’s and PhD is the basis of your success and you have the flexibility to pursue opportunities and challenges according to your own needs. To be honest, the career opportunities of an MBA or PhD in the UK are endless, there might be a few opportunities you like to look forward to.

Why go to the UK for Studying MBA?

The UK is one of the world’s leading economies and is a member of the G20. It has an edge over other countries. As management courses are also seen as great networking opportunities for studying MBA program. Offers an opportunity to meet the most powerful business. Leaders during lecture workshops and events featuring guest speakers. They also offer great opportunities for MBA programs and internships with some of the most prestigious industry giants.

Around 80% of MBA students in the UK come from overseas. They are well exposed to culturally diverse work practices around the world which enables students to develop a global perspective.

UK universities actively have strong links with industry across different business sectors. Staff often have extensive professional experience in their respective fields. This enables them to provide students with practical knowledge and insights while helping them achieve good placements and Mentoring opportunities. In writing my paper we help students make the best decisions about their studies.

The important thing that makes UK MBA programs superior to Indian MBA programs. That most of them are usually only one year in length. I’ll do a shameless plugin for my company Leap Scholar. Which provides guidance on projects in the UK and helps you find for you can check us out in Study in the UK for Indian Student.

In addition to core management subjects such as Finance Marketing Human Resource Economics Accounting Management Information Systems Operations. Quantitative Methods also offer many electives for students to choose from.

In addition to the full-time one-year MBA program, students can also choose a two- or three-year part-time program.


As much as you want to continue studying to become a doctor or engineer right in your early 20s. A master’s or PhD in the UK will give you more choices in life. Do you want to earn extra money and spend more time with your family? How about working abroad where you can get closer to your friends and the culture of your country? It’s up to you. But just go in with your eyes open and figure out how you can maximize the current opportunities and make the best out of your life.

It depends on why you’re doing an MBA.

If it’s purely for learning – then yes. If it’s for employment in the UK – then no. UK MBA students don’t have decent jobs in the UK – forget about Indians. If you want to get a job in India then yes – see the cons below though.

The advantages of the UK MBA are. It is easier to get into (compared to the top 30 universities in India. UK MBA has no entrance exam. Most Indian students can get good IELTS preparation in a week) very fast (only 1 year). The UK has a strong reputation in the field educate.

The downside is – it’s very expensive (expect to cost double tuition fees in total –e.g. If your university costs £15,000 a year. Then you’ll need to pay an additional £15,000 for other expenses such as food and travel for a year. With VIP Desert Tours you get the best quality service and the most amazing experience.

VIP Desert Tours gives the perfect service to study MBA in the UK. We offer an all-inclusive package that includes accommodation, food and drink, and transportation.

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