Insa poker main features


HUD (heads-up display)

Unlike offline play in Texas Hold’em, there is no other tell except for play, and in online poker where multi-tabling is possible, you can use this data to better respond to the opponent’s play and exploit your weaknesses by accumulating your own data as well as the opponent’s data. Think of it as a kind of tool to help you. Of course, it is a useful program that can fix one’s leaks through analysis, show the ink cards, and save the played hand-history to make recovery easier.

GPS/IP-based Squeeze and Hit Penalty Standards

  • When at least two people remain at one table for a specific time regardless of relevance (similarity of access areas, etc.
  • When two or more players continue the game through abnormal rules
  • Playing the game using abnormal programs & software in the game
  • ID connected from the IP band where the bad behavior was detected
  • Other abnormal Any act of proceeding with the game using the method

Interface optimized for mobile

The mobile-optimized interface allows anyone to enjoy the game easily and comfortably, and the buttons are easy to reach and easy to see, so the satisfaction is high. In addition, the customer center responds to many inquiries within the game, which is operated 24 hours a day, and for the first time in an online poker game, a voice chat function is installed, so bluffing is another fun.

Insa Hold’em Vision

The best vision that Insa 온라인홀덤 tells us is diversity. Currently, only hold’em is being conducted, but in the future, we are always researching and working hard to develop quality games for members with various game contents. Currently, 60,000 members enjoy and communicate with the game, but many employees, including researchers and developers, are working hard to make it more global. Our company is the first and second way to communicate. We will be a company that always communicates thanks to the love of our members so that many things such as the smooth composition of the game do not go to waste thank you Insa poker up.


Placing Opponents In Various Hands

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