How to find the right product in our upholstery cleaner comparison

Whether for spring cleaning or in between: The upholstery at home or in your own car needs the care to last a long time and to give you pleasure. best pants for flooring installers special upholstery cleaners effectively remove stains and start exactly where home remedies reach their limits. In various tests, upholstery cleaners were distinguished in their cleaning type and on the basis of the respective type of upholstery for which they can be used. While foam cleaners, sprays, and cloths can be used directly on upholstery and textiles, a concentrate must first be diluted with water before application. Find the right cleaner for your upholstery type with our comparison table. Buying advice: How to find the right product in our upholstery cleaner comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

Upholstery cleaners are used for upholstery care and are available as foam, powder, concentrate, spray, or in the form of cleaning cloths. When choosing the upholstery cleaner, the cleaning performance is the top priority, as this allows the effective removal of stains and odors. Before using the upholstery cleaner, attention should be paid to the material compatibility, as damage to the upholstery fabric is to be feared when choosing the wrong upholstery cleaner. Whether it’s your couch, your carpet, or the car seat – at some point over the years, everyone spills a glass of wine or the dog transforms the living room at home into its playground. But what to do if the beloved upholstery now adorns ugly stains? Since many home remedies often reach their limits with certain soilings, we would like to tell you everything about upholstery cleaners in our purchase advice. For this purpose, we have compared the best upholstery cleaners for you in our upholstery cleaner comparison 2022. Does your car also need basic cleaning in other places? Here you will find the necessary accessories: With the upholstery cleaner, it goes from the dirt to the collar The term upholstery cleaner refers to a wide range of cleaning agents for different types of upholstery, which are available in different forms. With regard to the chemical composition of upholstery cleaners, however, no clear statement can be made. Depending on the manufacturer, different active ingredients are used. In general, however, it can be said that upholstery cleaners can contain a more or less high proportion of surfactants and bleaching agents. In addition, some products can be slightly acidic depending on the pH value, which is due to the requirement for a good cleaning effect.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying an upholstery cleaner?

2.1. Quantity – a lot of cleaner for large areas With regard to the quantities, these may vary depending on the type of upholstery cleaner. In most cases, the contents of a can are between 300 and 1,000 ml. For upholstery cleaning cloths, there are on average 10 to 25 wipes perpackage. Depending on the nature of the stain, such cloths are often less productive and cause more waste than foams or sprays. In relation to clothes, liquid upholstery cleaners are also cheaper. Upholstery cleaner type – wipes are the easiest to apply If you want to buy an upholstery cleaner, there are different types of cleaners available: Spray Concentrate Foam Powder Wipes Cleaning cloths, unlike the rest of the upholstery cleaners, have the advantage of being easy to use. Upholstery cleaners in concentrate form require additional dilution of the cleaner with water as well as the necessary accessories such as buckets or gloves. However, the cleaners are usually more productive as a result.

Material compatibility – testing in an inconspicuous place

There are cleaners for a wide variety of applications: Cushion Carpets Synthetics Textiles Alcantara Leather Suede Rubber Wood Stainless steel Since Stiftung Warentest does not yet have an upholstery cleaner test in which the material compatibility has been tested, you should adhere to the following procedure: Before you clean the upholstery or the carpet over a large area, look for an inconspicuous place on the (lower) side, give it some cleaner and wait to see if it comes to discoloration or the like. Tip: In addition, make sure that as far as possible no cleaner gets to non-textile material such as wood or metal. advantage knee pad for flooring although most upholstery cleaners do not attack the fabrics sustainably, they can cause unsightly dullness.

Cleaning properties – odors should also be removed

Another category for the search for your personal test winner among the upholstery cleaners is the cleaning properties of the corresponding product. Not only does the effectiveness of the product in stain removal counts but also whether the cleaner removes odors and does not leave behind an unsightly, chemical odor. An extensive upholstery cleaner test is therefore necessary so that you do not purchase a product whose smell does not suit you.
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