Evil West Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Evil West Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Evil West is the game to play if you want to hunt vampires and kill zombies while exploring the wild west. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should look no further. The game, which is being developed by Flying Wild Hog, best known for their work on Shadow Warrior, is shaping up to be an absolute highlight for the latter half of 2022; however, it is unknown whether or itis not be included in Xbox Game Pass.

Our first look at the game was provided to us in the form of a reveal trailer during The Game Awards in 2020. This ominous trailer, accompanied by an intense performance of Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” allows fans to glimpse the extensive amount of action included in Evil West.

Evil West

The first releasing date is Sep 20th, 2022. But at the later they will change on Nov 22nd of this year. The game will be playable on personal computers, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S consoles. Xbox users eagerly awaiting the game are curious whether Evil West will be available on Game Pass when it launches. Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t promising for this possibility.

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Regarding the Wicked West

Evil West is what you’d get if you took God of War, Doom, and Red Dead Redemption and mixed them all in a blender. Fans will adore this game because it features an unforgettable blend of gothic horror and science fiction. The tagline for the game is “Evil never sleeps, but it bleeds,” and the trailers for Evil game do an excellent job of proving exactly what they mean by that statement.

Evil West Video

The game takes place on the western frontier of the United States, and players will be able to navigate through a variety of connected environments, including eerie deserts, seemingly deserted towns, and even underground dungeons decorated with Native American architecture. The protagonist of Evil West will, throughout the journey, come across vampires, zombies, and a variety of other mythical creatures; however, none of these will compare to what they will face in boss battles.

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The gameplay reveals trailer, published at The Game Awards in 2021, provides a different look at the gruesome and epic storyline of Evil game. The players will have access to various combat mechanisms that will assist them in defeating the hostile monsters that populate the world around them. These include devastating close-quarters attacks, such as those delivered by Wolverine-style claws that pack an electrifying punch, and lethal long-range assaults with weapons such as shotguns or pistols.

Evil West & Game Pass

The original release date of September 20th, 2022. But the Evil West has been moved to November 22nd. It will be obtainable for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

Evil West Game

Unfortunately, as things stand right now, it does not appear that Evil West will be available on Game Pass on day one.The game will not add game pass in the game.

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Even though Focus Entertainment, the game’s publisher, has collaborated with Microsoft on many other Game Pass titles, this does not necessarily give fans a straight answer regarding the future of Evil West on Game Pass. Those interested in playing Evil West for free in the future will need to be patient for the time being because only time will tell.

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