Biometric Verification – Protection of Audience in Casinos


According to the survey, online gaming accounts for over three-quarters of all in-app spending, and the gaming sector is predicted to generate $159.3 billion in global revenue this year. Face recognition has been used at casinos in the United States since the 1990s, but due to prospective changes in federal privacy or data protection law, those deployments may need to be altered.


Biometrics authentication in casinos has only grown in accuracy and acceptance. Every person walking into a casino has their facial shape collected and analyzed every day. The age of gamers as they are on boarded upon sign-up is a relatively minor difficulty that biometrics can aid gaming platforms with.


Biometric-based access control has a long history of successful implementations across a wide range of industries. Despite the various problems in various use cases, some applications, including physical access, logical access, identity, employee attendance, and so on, can be applied in any industry. Because of its versatility, biometric applications have found their way into both government and private organizations. Biometric applications are especially beneficial in situations when a large number of customers, members, or visitors enter or exit a facility, or where identification or verification is required.

Biometric verification – How does it Work?

Facial recognition is the process of recognising someone based on their appearance. The biometrics programme takes a picture of the person’s face and then analyses it. It compares the details to a photo of the person taken before. It’s a three step process that begins with a biometric face detection. The face traits are then converted into digital information. Finally, the person’s identification is either confirmed or denied.


Protection of Games from Fraudulent Behaviors

According to gaming company data, there were over 12 billion hacks targeting gamers’ financial information between November 2017 and March 2019. A successful account takeover could cause the victim severe financial harm. Other well-known frauds include duplicating adverts in order to charge fees for them, as well as using bots to manipulate the awards system in order to gain an advantage over other players in a game.


Security is an important component of conducting business for casinos, just as it is for banks and other financial institutions that handle huge sums of money. From the time they approach the parking lot, surveillance cameras feed into security video shots of private residents, consumers, and employees. From these video streams, a lot of private information is being sent into the database. If a subpoena or court order was issued, the casino would be required to provide censored film to the attorneys, prosecutors, or judge in the event of an incident, fraud, or other investigation.

Role of Biometric in Gaming Businesses

Biometric identification can quickly streamline age limits and prohibit minors from playing self-service gaming on automated devices, while also protecting players identity. To verify their age and enter their biometric information, players will only need to provide a valid ID document the first time they come to play the game. They will be given a smartcard carrying their fingerprint credentials in exchange, thus certifying their legal age without recording their age or any other personal information. The nicest part about the whole procedure is that it is quite intuitive and requires very little from the participants. As a result, it can aid in the detection of potentially addictive behavior and the delivery of preventative messages.


Biometric Authentication in Digital World

Since online gamers’ identities are automatically linked to their gaming profiles, gaming operators are unable to verify who is actually playing using their profile, necessitating a step further in the digital identification process. However, a big difficulty is that legitimate players are quite likely to abandon a gaming transaction once it becomes boring. When it comes to tech, the customer experience is everything. 


With this in account, biometrics verification is the most effective approach to authenticate players. Given that online gamers are used to strong digital verification methods when it comes to online banking, validating their gaming identity with a fast selfie poses little risk of interfering with their gaming experience. Once biometric information is recorded during the onboarding stage, players may simply and digitally confirm their biometric identification at main things such as when users log in or pay out. This procedure will not only help to prevent underage gaming, but it will also provide gamers with the assurance that their personal information and finances are secure.

To Wrap this up

Biometric verification online adoption has exploded in a short period of time, and it is now being used for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. The gaming company’s value is built on its adjustment to new techniques. It’s simple to set up and utilize. Face recognition not only improves the security of verification processes, but it also speeds them up. So now is the moment for gaming businesses to continue developing new roles and hiring biometrics experts to join their teams. It’s the way players will be identified in the future.



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