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Proper administration of cannabinoid compounds is a critical aspect that makes a big difference concerning its efficacy apart from dosage. Even though the market floods with overwhelming options, it is crucial to understand and evaluate the bioavailability of each form before choosing a method to receive its best benefits.

Sublingual or direct administration is a popularly recommended method for enjoying potent cannabinoids such as CBD in the form of oil or tincture. Many believe that the cannabinoid interacts at its best when consumed this way and promises good results. 

But what about this way of use that makes it superior? Are there any benefits to sublingual tincture administration? Let us find out more about this.   

What is Sublingual Administration? 

One of the most common mistakes about sublingual administration is that most people assume it is the same as swallowing. However, sublingual use refers to placing a few drops of CBD oil or tincture under the tongue and letting it sit for a minute. It triggers the cannabinoid receptors in the area to absorb the CBD into the bloodstream to set in the effects. 

CBD tincture has many health benefits. However, it’s critical to research the best ways on how to take CBD tincture using the tongue for maximum effects. Understanding how to correctly administer tincture under the tongue can help get the best value from the product. 

Benefits of Sublingual CBD Tincture Use

  1. Faster Absorption

Sublingual use is among the fastest ways of introducing cannabinoids to the body. This is because sublingual use directly connects the receptors below the tongue to the cannabinoids in the tincture. Placing just a few drops can express 13-19 percent absorption rates that induce significantly faster results. In contrast, other methods such as orally consuming CBD edibles require the compound to reach the target organ and undergo processing before absorption. 

The sublingual form is, therefore, the best choice for easing problems such as anxiety, insomnia, pain, and swelling instantly as the effects set in quickly compared to other forms. 

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  1. Quick Results 

The result of rapid absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream is that you can achieve immediate relief from the problem. Even though CBD tincture may not leave any visible results immediately, the cannabinoid sure works faster in the body to introduce the many therapeutic benefits. The effects may set in within the first 15 to 30 minutes of use, which is crucial while treating some ailments and conditions.

  1. Enhanced Bioavailability 

Most forms of CBD use introduce foreign compounds or substances in the product before the actual cannabinoid is exposed for absorption. It could cause dilution of the cannabinoid concentration, leading to low bioavailability. For example, the processing of orally ingested CBD edibles occurs in the stomach. At the end of the digestion process, the cannabinoid is available in the bloodstream for absorption. Meanwhile, a combination of enzymes, stomach acids, and other compounds can disrupt the actual potency of the cannabinoid. 

In the case of sublingual use, the large blood vessels located below the tongue form a thin membrane that enables the absorption of CBD directly into the bloodstream. The only possibility of interruption could be from the salivary enzymes. The process ensures sustained exposure to the tincture, thus promising better results. 

Ways to Take CBD Tincture Under the Tongue 

  1. Measure and Separate the Exact Dosage

Measuring and using the proper dosage is the first step in using CBD products. Start by reading the label to know the overall cannabinoid composition and concentration. Some tinctures may contain traces of THC or other terpenes and cannabinoids in the mix, while others may be isolates. The recommended dosage, in either case, may vary to achieve the best results. 

Calculate the dosage per dropper of the tincture to know how much you can use in a day. For example, if a 100 ml bottle expresses 50 mg CBD concentration, the dosage per ml will be 50/100 = 0.5mg/1ml. 

Assuming the dropper carries 1 ml, and the recommended dosage per day is 1 mg, you can take 1/ 0.5 = 2 drops. 

You can use the above equations to calculate the dosage of each cannabinoid in the mixture to ensure you are using it within safe limits.

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  1. Place Under the Tongue

Fill the dropper with the desired dosage of the tincture and gently hold it under the tongue. If you find this challenging, use a mirror to place it perfectly until you become comfortable. Next, press the dropper to let the tincture out.

  1. Hold

Let the tincture stay under your tongue for a couple of minutes. The longer it stays, the better the chances of optimal absorption.

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking CBD tinctures:

  • Avoid letting the dropper come in contact with your mouth directly. Open your mouth and move the tip of the tongue to touch the ceiling. Hold the dropper above the area and let the tincture drop.
  • Do not consume anything for at least 30 minutes after sublingual administration. It could dilute the tincture.
  • Make sure to place the tincture under the tongue and not above, as the surface does not have receptors to absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream.


Sublingual use of CBD is among the most popular and recommended forms of usage. Its ability to induce effective results in just a few minutes makes it the appropriate choice for solving a spectrum of problems, including anxiety, pain, and insomnia. However, ensure to check the label of CBD tinctures to understand the source, extraction method, and dosage before use to receive optimal benefits. 

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