All you need to know about Dubai School Projects

When moving to luxury villas for sale in Dubai, you would not have to worry about the education of your kids. The Dubai government has demonstrated a deep contribution to developing the emirate’s education sector over the past years. It has taken a range of steps to increase the level of education available and get it up to par with international schools. The ‘Dubai Schools Project,’ the newest educational initiative revealed by Dubai Crown Prince H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, includes two new inexpensive schools in Mirdif and Al Barsha. These centres, which will open in 2021-22, will concentrate on Early Education.

Things to know about Dubai School’s Project

These new schools, as per H.H. Sheikh Hamdan, chairman of Dubai’s Executive Council, would offer high-quality schooling at competitive rates. The overarching aim is to have outstanding instruction and to assist students in developing a collaborative spirit and a desire for knowledge. Comparably, the emphasis is on cultivating gifted young learners such that they become creative, informed about national ideals, and scientifically interested. This Emirati schooling system would, among its many noble aims, train students for future hurdles while also building their faith and national identification. The Dubai Government and Taaleem Corporation concluded an agreement to manage these schools. This public-private relationship would boost the educational opportunities available to Emiratis in Dubai. Exploratory opportunities such as music, painting, computers, and theater will be offere in rotation during the school year in addition to the core disciplines of English, Math, and Science.

What will be the location of the schools?

The first two schools will be in Mirdif and Al Barsha, as previously reported. The American School of Creative Science in Al Barsha will undergo renovations. The Ontario International Canadian School will be transform when in Mirdif. The Mirdif branch will have a 1,000-student capacity, while the Al Barsha division will have a 1,200-student potential. Additional campus extension will be carried out as needed.

What years will the school offer?

The first two schools would have grades ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade. As students graduate, they will earn higher marks. Students in primary school will use an inquiry-based research approach, while students in middle school will be able to use their own study method. Boys and girls will learn together until the fourth grade, after which they will be divided into separate schools.

What will be the circulum of the school?

The schools will provide instruction based on the American curriculum, which has been developed by the New York State Education Department in the United States.

What language will be the medium of instructions?

The main language of instruction would be English. That being said, a strong emphasis will be put on promoting Emirati and Islamic ideals. The Ministry of Education’s requirements will be observed for Arabic, UAE social sciences, Islamic, and moral education.

What will be the fees for each level?

Kindergarten students will pay AED 29,900, while fourth grade students will pay AED 36,155. It will offset the cost of the school uniform as well as transportation.

Will there be scholarships?

Scholarships can be a serious matter of concern and motivation for many students. The good news is that 100 per cent scholarships would be offered to students on the basis of merit.

Who will be eligible to apply for schools under Dubai Schools Project?

While Emirati students will be given preference, applicants of all nationalities and abilities are welcome to apply. To complete admissions, each student will be subject to a standard examination.

Will more schools be opening under the name of Dubai Schools Project?

Yes, more schools will be opening as part of the Dubai Schools initiative in the near future. This means that parents in Dubai can have more choices when it comes to finding affordable schools. The Dubai Schools Initiative exemplifies the government’s dedication to provide high-quality education to all students. This schools will assist in the growth of skills and provide learners with a good academic base. They will play a significant and important role in Dubai’s long-term development if they have the right skill set and experience. Both schools that are or will be part of the Dubai Schools project will be supervise by the KHDA. As a result, you should expect the best quality education at a reasonable cost. Government schools in Dubai can be a good alternative to these two schools. Get villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah and make the future of your kids bright
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