5 signs that your business needs office cleaning


Every time you meet a new potential customer, you take steps to make a great first impression. For example, you do your best to wear professional clothes. Your office space is part of your first impression for new and existing customers every time they visit. A clean and tidy office space gives the impression of a detail-oriented company. While permanent employees have some responsibility for keeping things clean, for most this is not a primary responsibility. Also, many things can distract you from these tasks. Read on for five signs you need an office cleaning.

1. Employees get sick

Sometimes your employees get sick. If you have a cold or flu, there is not much you can do to prevent it. However, if your employees get sick regularly, you may need office cleaning. Even if your staff helps with cleaning, there are cleaning areas that everyone should avoid. Nobody likes to clean the bathroom. Bathrooms, counters, and doorknobs can be a haven for bacteria or viruses if they’re not cleaned regularly.

2. Decrease in productivity

Cluttered and dirty office spaces often hinder productivity. Even if it only happens unconsciously, clutter and filth distract employees. This distraction leads to loss of productivity. A more polluted environment can also trigger allergies and increase the risk of illness. Both will reduce overall productivity.

3. It’s Nobody’s Responsibility

Every business has to deal with some amount of invoicing. The problem with attrition is that implicit responsibility is often not delegated to new hires. While all of your original employees are helping with the cleanup, many of your current employees may see it as someone else’s job. If general cleaning isn’t part of your job interview with all new hires, you may need a Erhvervsrengøring service.

4. Collect the items

It may be your busy season or your business has finally been established, but things are accelerating. As the overall workload increases, people will focus more on core activities and less on non-essential tasks. While everyone else is dealing with the commercial side of the business, you need help with cleaning.

5. Your business grows

It’s common for solopreneurs and small starter teams to take on multiple roles. This includes taking some responsibility for cleaning on a regular basis. But as your business grows, people often become more specialized. The more defined their work, the less they will think about cleaning. This is when you need a cleaning quote and cleaning service.

Do you need office cleaning?

While there isn’t a definitive checklist that can tell you if you need office cleaning, there are signs. Employee absences or illness can be a warning that you need help with cleaning. Business growth often requires hiring a cleaning service, as employees need to focus on their core business. Of course, it is the general condition of the office that is often decisive. Clean Sweep of America offers office cleaning services in the Memphis, TN area. If your office needs a professional cleaning arm, contact us today for a quote.

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