Sandbox games are relaxing. They inspire innovation, discovery, and forging unique pathways. They’re perfect for mobile games because they can be saved without completing a level or online game.


God guides a people to civilization. Help the tribe grow by providing resources and technology. You can also burn or flood them. God’s gorgeous terrain lets you construct the perfect surroundings.

Because this is a sandbox game, there is a straightforward narrative that guides you through the game as you explore the world. It’s the ideal game for those who enjoy exploring and creating while also being curious about the game’s goals.


WorldBox understands that there are times when you don’t want to build something or explore a new world. Sometimes you just want to play God, and World Box provides a pixelated world in which you can choose whether to nurture life or destroy it in a violent apocalypse. Unlike Godus, the interaction required to progress is minimal in this world. It is unavoidable to kill a developing civilization, but watching it grow is fascinating in and of itself.

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The free edition of WorldBox is a teaser for the full premium version, which costs $7.99 but includes a slew of other features, including creatures, godlike powers, and time control.


Townscape has no quests, achievements, or unlockable stuff. There are only ingenious building mechanisms. Colored blocks are placed on an uneven grid. Townscaper’s algorithms combine blocks to make houses, bridges, towers, gardens, and staircases. It’s easy, but it creates beautiful cityscapes.

Pocket City

City Builder minigame Pocket City. If you like city builders but find them too challenging, try Pocket City. No microtransactions and offline play. Pocket City offers a lot of content despite lacking modern traffic control and civic activities. Cause disasters, build playgrounds, and manage civic services to beautify your city.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights are both an RPG and a sandbox. While the game focuses on leveling up characters and defeating bosses, any Minecraft fan will recognize the sandbox building mechanic. In Portal Knights, you explore randomly generated islands, meet characters, and build structures. In contrast, Like Godus is ideal for those seeking more design in their sandbox experience.

BuildIt SimCity

SimCity BuildIt is the ultimate mobile city builder. SimCity BuildIt has unique geographic regions and extensive traffic and pollution systems, unlike Pocket City.SimCity BuildIt, unfortunately, is heavily reliant on microtransactions. If you plan on playing frequently, this isn’t a problem, but heavy users will encounter frustrating paywalls.

Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is arguably the best mobile MMO: based on 2007’s RuneScape, the gameplay is refreshing and straightforward to grasp. Tap resources and monsters to collect loot and move on to interact with the world. As a result, the MMO provides hours of immersion in a vast open world filled with quests, dungeons, and fascinating characters.

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