What is Rajatotobet? and every detail about it


This article is about Rajatotobet which is an online slot game platform presented in 2017. Before proceeding further first it will be very helpful for you to  understand about the term “Online slot games”

 What are online slot games?

Online slot games are online games where people bet their real money and play with a random number generator system and specific return to player and everything depends on player’s luck; whether to win or lose.

Many people enjoy playing it and many consider it a bad habit as it is not allowed in society because it is assumed as a really bad habit.

 Now, What is Rajatotobet?

It is an online slot game platform that provides a lot of games of different genres and varieties to experience online on your device. It is an Indonesian platform where the slot games trend is quite popular and common among people. The website is available in two different languages;  Indonesian languages for native Indonesians and English languages for the rest of the world. The platform provides you with a great experience with fast service and the maintained privacy of its members.

You do not have to make different accounts for different games; once you have made an account on it, then you are allowed to play the games provided. Furthermore, for the payment process, you have to first pay through the best five options provided that are: BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, and Danomon, and then play. Even the betting process is through real money not any sort of online currency or accepted.

Many games are included but all of the included games are chosen among the best Indonesian games to present in front of the world on one single platform. For example Hong Kong, Sydney Nampho, Sino, paro, togel, jersey Nairobi, union Paker, Sisila, Omaha, etc.

The Online lottery games include games such as dragon tiger, ball 48, ball 36, ball 24, ball 12, etc. And some of the online slot section games are Habanero, pragmatic play, joker, etc. If the member faces any sort of problem; the customer service is all the time present to serve. It is available 24 hours a day and six days a week.

 How to register an account on Rajatotobet?

If you’re willing to make an account on  Rajatotobet, you just have to follow the simple procedure which is:

  • Visit the official website of Rajatotobet and click on the option “List” present at the top of the screen.
  • Username, password, email, phone number, and Referral should be entered accordingly.
  • And for the payment, you have to provide your bank name, account name, and account number
  • And then at the end, you have to enter the verification code provided at the right box to verify that you’re not a robot.
  • When done, you would have successfully created your account and the list will be provided do you.

 How to do the login procedure?

 If you are willing to log in then you have to:

  • First of all search for Rajatotobet by entering it on Google search bar.
  • Then click on the official website. Once you enter the home page you will notice two blue buttons on the top of the screen that are “Log in” and “List”
  • Go with the login option.
  • Then you have to fill the boxes accordingly by correctly providing your username, password, and then you have to do the validation process by writing the digit provided at the box at the bottom right corner.
  • You are ready to use your account !

Variety of games

As informed earlier in the article that you will have many options to play and bet on. All the games are divided into different sections with specific sorts of games and these sections are provided at the menu options which is a three-line symbol present at the top left corner of the screen. There are a total of 9 sections that are: slots, DD  and toggle, Cockfighting, sports, live casinos, E-sports, arcade, agile ball, table games.

  1. slots

 The games provided on online slot sections are: PG soft, Play tech, Amoeba, Habanero, CQA, JDB, Spade gaming, Island slot, DT Asia, Joker, One game, Red tiger, AT gaming, Micro gaming, and Pragmatic play

  • DD and toggle

 DD and toggle contain only one option which is OZZO.

  • Cock fighting

 Cockfighting has a subdivision of SV388

  • Sports

 The subdivisions related to sports are CMD and SBO

  • Live casinos

Live casinos are the options where people can live bet on games. When you visit the home page of Rajatotobet you will notice the live betting process and the top of the screen where people bet from time to time and you can see it all easily at your home. The subsections of live casinos are: LG88, Dream gaming, Venus, WM, AE sexy, Pragmatic play, Trillion

  • E-sports

 TF gaming games are included in the E-sports section.

  • arcade

 The arcade games include the following subsections: Spade gaming, Joke, AT, KA gaming, and Pragmatic play

  • Agile ball

 Only one says option which is OZZO.

  • Table games

This section also has only one subsection which is Table Maker.

Note: You should know that these objections have further different games in it

What are the bank options provided on the website of Rajatotobet?

There is a total of 10 bank options out of which five are the best options for the members:

  • Bank BRI
  • mdr
  • OVO
  • Shopee pay
  • BCA
  • BNI
  • Go pay
  • Sakuku
  • DANA

Website Statics:

The website has daily new and unique visitors who haven’t visited the website earlier and the digit is 318 and they make 318 page views, It is registered under the Asian’s top-level domains, it’s an overall global rank in the world is 2,321,715, the load time is 0.001 seconds and the website value is 2920 dollars which make 1.07 page view on an average, the domain is registrar is, and the issuer organization is section limited.

 Frequently asked questions

 How to contact Rajatotobet?

 If you are willing to contact you can do it through the official website by the live chat option or by calling or messaging at this WhatsApp number +6281263805360

 What is Rajatotobet?

Rajatotobet is a platform that provides a variety of games options where you can bet and win money online. In other words it is an online game slot platform.

What are disadvantages of Rajatotobet?

Here are few cones of the platform:

  • Sometimes if your luck doesn’t work you can lose your money
  • Some societies don’t think slot games are good way to earn money.

 Is Rajatotobet safe?

Yes, it is very safe to play on Rajatotobet as it secures its member’s information and privacy. If it doesn’t,  it will lose its customer’s trust which will cause  a loss to the owner so definitely, it will never do it.

The website is translated in how many languages?

Rajatotobet is available in two languages that are Indonesian and English.

What is RTP?

The full form of RTP is returned to the player and it determines the level of slots machines programmed to pay back the money over the long run.


The platform presents an Indonesian culture and their best games where people can come, register, bet and win prizes. But not everybody thinks that betting is a good Habit and an option to earn money so some enjoy it and praise it and some find it inappropriate.

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