Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

American adult entertainment producer, camgirl, and former adult performer, Sarah Joseph Chamoun (aka ˈmi ikhalifah), better known professionally as Mia Kalifa (“igh-HAmma”; Arabic: “igh-hab”) is one of the most popular names on the adult websites. Born in Louisiana, she is an Arabic-speaking woman with Arab roots who became a major celebrity in the adult industry after her marriage to porn actor Craig Silverstone in 2004. The two became known to the public after an episode of “Larry King Live” in which Chamoun was caught on camera having intercourse with a man she was believed to be seen on the side.

A week later, however, it was announced that Silverstone had died in a car crash. Just days after this incident, however, Kalifa uploaded an explicit video to her MySpace page of herself and a man. It has since gone viral, garnering her several ranks on the sexiest women on the web list at the Washington Post, as well as being featured in many other news publications around the world.

Mia Khalifa is a porn star and former adult video shoot girl. She has been married three times and divorced twice. Her career spanned the world from adult films to reality TV, to playing volleyball for the LPGA. She currently is working on a new memoir.

She made her pornography debut at the age of eighteen in an uncensored scene for New York’s Hot Date, which was filmed by Viva Media Group. She appeared in her first porn movie “Don’t Call This Baby” at the age of twenty-one. Before that, she had been a part of a pornographic television show called “Work Your Way With Me”. The birth of Mia Khalifa’s son resulted in her expanding her career into two more movies with which she once again began to gain notoriety.

Mia Khalifa is now recognized as one of the leading female performers in the world of pornography. Her popularity has increased since her appearance on the reality show Survivor’s Island, in which she served as the sexy interruptible partner of Joe Bowlegato. Following her appearance in the reality series, she became associated with a clothing line called “Mia’s Closet”. The clothing line was extremely successful and she has since gone on to produce several more adult films.

In addition to her many adult films, Mia has also established a name for herself in the world of Islam and as a Muslim porn star. On the reality series “Heroes”, she portrayed Saleh, a Muslim porn star. Following the release of her on Heroes, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. In her bid to be known as a prominent Muslim porn star, she has starred in several movies made by Islamic film-makers in countries throughout the Middle East such as Morocco and Egypt. Her most popular role to date, however, remains that of Saleh, a patriotic hero who saves the president’s daughter from terrorists during the Gulf War.

When asked about the possibility of seeing Mia at a porn convention, or in one of her native languages, respondents were quick to express their desire to see her more frequently. “Mia has a fan club in the United States and throughout the world,” said Mike, a thirty-two-year-old from California. “She tours the country often, and people always ask where she is every time they hear her name. She is a porn star for good reason.” According to estimates, Mia’s fans account in the hundreds of thousands.